Pueblo Pride 2018 Entertainment

Southern Colorado Entertainers!! It is time to get your applications in.

There is a very important change for all entertainment this year and will ultimately decide whose performances we will get the opportunity to celebrate at this year's Pride. As part of completing the application please note that you will be uploading your performance video at that time. The coordinator will make final determination of performers. Everyone will be informed of final cut and lineup as soon as possible after the application is closed.  

What you upload does not have to be an exact duplicate of your performance but close enough that it offers a true presenttion of the performance you intend to bring. 

Finalized length of time allotted for each stage act will be determined by the entertainment coordinator based on the number of entertainers and the full communication needs of the day. Entertainment slots generally begin at noon and and come to a close by 4:00pm. The entertainment coordinator & related SCEA board members have the final say in outlining the lineup and schedule of events for the day.

Your completed application will prompt a call from this year’s entertainment coordinator so please give the most reliable contact information possible.  DJ and sound system provided, details will be discussed.

Your coordinator may be reached at vengalle1@gmail.com. With each completed application comes a shared phone conversation so we can discuss everything you need us to. 

Keep in mind that we're thrilled to see your performance and will do everything we can to include you in the day. Seriously. This Pride belongs to all of us!

Submit your application here