TransGenerations Support Group

Everyone wonders who they are, but not everyone is brave enough to seek the answer. Our support group will be a place where you can figure out who you are, surrounded by other people just like you. Whether you're transgender, curious, unsure or a friend of someone who is, we will help you find the answer. We welcome new members.

Meets every 1st and 3rd Saturday 6PM At the Colorado Wins building, 304 S Union    Pueblo Colorado  Call 719-543-6460

This is a safe and moderated open drop in support group for those who may be questioning their gender or feel that their gender or sexual identity falls somewhere outside of societies perceived parameters of gender. This is a safe space and forum for those who identify as Gender Queer, Gender Variant, Bi-gendered, pan-gendered, Trans Butch, Trans Fem., Transgender, Transsexual, FTM, MTF, or identify with multiple genders or shun all labels